this page is kind of a mess of just whatever the hell right now. i'll clean it up eventually!

Welcome to the about me page! I'm Dawn and I use they/them pronouns. Don't want to share my exact age but I'm a minor. I'm a normal guy who likes idols. Aside from idols I like Vocaloid, Bravely Default, Pokemon, Splatoon, and all Sega games (especially Sonic and NiGHTS)!

I have no idea how to code or what I'm doing, but I made this website because I wanted to make a place where I can share my love for idols with hopefully no judgement. I'm currently just using a layout I found while I still figure out what exactly I'm doing. I hope to make my site more unique in the future but sadly due to school and other responsibilities I don't have a lot of time to dedicate to coding right now :(

My main idol interest is the Idolmaster series, specifically sideM though I also enjoy the other branches. I produce Saki, Touma, Haruka, and Miki. I'm also a casual fan of VelvetRose and C.First. My other main idol interest is Utapri. My faves are Otoya, Tokiya, Ai, Haruka, and Ringo.